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No Limits: How I escaped the clutches of Corporate America to live the self-employed life of my dreams, By Sara Morgan

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is intended for frustrated professionals fed up with life in Corporate America. This could be a young person just entering the job market, or a seasoned veteran who has been around the block a few times. Either way, the person longs for something more in their [...]

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Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager, By Lee B. Salz

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answers: Sales Professionals and Small Business Owners Q: What is the book about? A: Companies are infamous for “promoting” their top sales person into the role of sales manager with no training, no development, no mentoring. Since sales management is not a skill you learn in the womb, these [...]

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Don’t Bring It to Work: Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success, By Sylvia Lafair

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Executives, managers, directors, family firms, HR specialists, coaches, MBA Candidates. Q: What book is about? A: This book explores what happens when patterns originally created to cope with family conflicts are unleashed in the workplace. When stress and anxiety hit the hot button at work we all revert [...]

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Learning Disabilities:  Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges, By Etta K. Brown

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Parents, teachers, students, grandparents and others who knows or cares about a child with learning disabilities. Q: What is the book about? A: The book is a manual written with an insider’s view of the process of special education for learning disabled children. It empowers parents with insight [...]

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Follow for Now: Interviews With Friends And Heroes, By Roy Christopher

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Those interested in the thinkers, authors, scientists, artists, musicians--the people who have shaped and are shaping early twenty-first century culture and thought. Q: What is the book about? A: It's a collection of interviews with minds of all kinds. Spanning nearly a decade, Follow for Now includes interviews [...]

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Standing In The Rain: Understanding, Surviving And Thriving In The Worst Financial Storm Since The Great Depression, By Thomas J. Powell

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: The target audiences are primarily those individuals who have an interest in the economy, finance and/or investing and are or may be personally financially impacted by the state of the economy. The secondary market includes those who would like to learn about the finance and investment world and/or [...]

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The New IQ, by Dr. David Gruder

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Everyday people to world leaders who are passionate about pursuing success, abundance and impact without sacrificing life balance, loved ones, social responsibility, or integrity. Q: What is the book about? A: The New IQ provides practical answers to the five biggest challenges of our time: 1) Why have [...]

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The Incredible Investment Book, By Chuck Salisbury

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Everyone who wants to improve the security and the yield on their investments and stop losing money. Q: What is the book about? A: Former stock broker and investment banking guru outlines the results of his investigation on the number one investment in America. It is not offered [...]

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