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Get Noticed…Get Referrals: Build Your Client Base And Your Business By Making A Name For Yourself, By Jill Lublin

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, authors, musicians, etc. Q: What is the book about? A: In an easy-to-read format, Get Noticed…Get Referrals shows consumers how to carefully cultivate and develop relationships by using the same principles publicists and brand managers use to obtain more attention to their [...]

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The Power Of Coaching: Managing The TIME Of Your Life!, By Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Business leaders and sales professionals looking to become more accomplished while bringing balance to their lives. Q: What is the book about? A: Inside insights of how to effectively manage yourself and the people you lead in relation to time. Understand what time really is and how highly [...]

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Mindfulness And The Art Of Choice: Transform Your Life, By Karen H. Sherman, Ph.D.

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is intended for anyone who realizes that their life is not bringing them the joy and satisfaction desired. Though it is likely to appeal to those at midlife who are questioning the meaning of their lives, it is truly applicable to anyone who is self-reflective. Q: [...]

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Achieving Unlimited Success: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Live The Life Of Your Dreams, By Dennis A. Kelley

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is valuable for business owners, professionals and career-minded individuals. It is also valuable for college graduates who are just starting out. The book is a guide for people who want more success from their business or career and are interested in making the changes necessary to [...]

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Finding Grace, By Sarah Pawley

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: It's suitable for any audience, but I think mostly women will find it appealing. Q: What is the book about? A: In 1927 Virginia, Grace Langdon is a bright, intelligent sixteen year old with a head full of dreams and a longing for love. She is also trapped [...]

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Body Redesign: Goal Setting Secrets For A Thinner, Happier You, By Dr. Annette Colby, RD

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book offers self-empowerment and loving self-leadership skills to anyone who is in a constant battle with their weight, who feels trapped in food and weight patterns they cannot change, and is ready to master the secrets to lifelong weight loss success. Q: What is the book about? [...]

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Your Highest Potential: The New Psychology Of Understanding And Working With Self, By Annette Colby, PhD

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: If you answer yes to any of these questions, Your Highest Potential is the book for you! • Is the impact of your past directing your future? • Have you developed patterns of behavior that are difficult to break? • Are you struggling with emotional eating or unsuccessful [...]

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Who’s Hiding In Your Address Book?: Introducing The Ideal Network For Successful Women, By Mary Kurek

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Entrepreneurs, female business owners and professionals. Q: What is the book about? A: The book introduces a new and simple system for organizing contacts to reach goals quicker and easier. It’s based on the premise that you have an entire staff hiding in your address book (if you [...]

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The Nonverbal Advantage: Secrets And Science of Body Language At Work, By Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: This book is for the busy professional who wants to accelerate his or her success. For America's 2.3 million executives, 4.3 million salespeople, 6.8 million waiters, 735,000 lawyers, 567,000 doctors, 212,000 coaches, 842,000 police officers, 3.8 million teachers, 1.0 million security guards - and everyone else who deals [...]

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More Loyal Customers: 21 Real World Lessons To Keep Your Customers Coming Back, By Kevin Stirtz

Question: Who is the intended audience? Answer: Anyone who wants more repeat business and more referrals can benefit from this book. Whether you're a company owner, manager or a customer-facing employee, there is something useful in this book for you. Q: What is the book about? A: This book is full of practical things you [...]

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