Intuition Author Credits PR LEADS with Landing New Book Contract

Intuition author Lynn Robinson credited the PR LEADS publicity service with helping her get a book contract. “I just signed a contract with Jossey Bass (a division of Wiley & Sons) to revise and update my first book, ‘Divine Intuition: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love.' The fact that I'd received so much media attention was one of the factors that sealed the deal!” she said.

How can I get my self-help book for women reviewed in USA TODAY?

Many people want to get publicity for their books into the most widely read newspaper in the US. But few are chosen. I recently saw a front-page interview with a new self-help author so I decided to deconstruct the story to find out the publicity strategy used because I always like to give my book author clients tips on how to get publicity.

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Corporate sponsors could be looking for speakers and authors like you; Will they find you?

Linda Hollander helps teach speakers and authors how to get corporate sponsorships. She thinks that companies are fed up with risky celebrities and will be looking to find "real people." Here's an excerpt from her ezine: With the recent implosion of the Tiger Woods brand, corporate sponsors will be thinking differently about where they put [...]

By |2016-11-28T23:38:26+00:00January 6th, 2010|Authors, Book publicity|0 Comments's ploy: Good news for readers is bad news for authors

The good news is that is selling upcoming hot books -- including Sarah Palin's book -- for $10. The better news is that Amazon is either going to match them or go a penny better. And that includes shipping! While this is good news for readers, it is bad news for authors. I don't [...]

Here's how to get on the Ellen TV show

  Here's what TV producers are looking for in a guest Steve Spangler is a scientist who creates cool tools to teach kids about science. He's also appeared on Ellen numerous times. So when he spoke to the National Speakers Association a few weeks ago, he offered these tips to get on Ellen. -- Don't [...]

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