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PR LEADS has helped more than 4,000 business experts, solo PR firms, and small businesses. And we can help you get the publicity you need to:

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Teleseminar: Using Social Media to Launch Your Book

In the past, authors did well using email campaigns to broadcast book launches with bonuses. This process is so “2009.” Today, you have to use all of your tools. If you can build followers with your blog and then get attention on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you are more likely to drive people to your book site or Amazon page and make the sale. In this teleseminar, Marcia Reynolds will show how she integrated these tools to take her book to #1 on Amazon for Leadership and Management books for women and still keeps her in the top 10.

How to Build an Effective Media List That Generates Coverage for You

The most effective way to get your message to the media is to target the most interested reporters and avoid the ones who aren’t interested. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often small businesses blast press releases and pitch letters to any and every reporter they happen to find on a generic media list. Reporters hate this. If you can personalize a pitch or target a press release, you’ll stand a much better chance of being quoted. To make the best use of your time – and not waste a reporter’s time, here are 10 tips to selecting an effective media list.

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Reporters Want to Receive Press Releases by Email, New Report Shows

Reporters are always looking for news. A new report shows they want to receive press releases by email. The new report by Bulldog Reporter and TEKGROUP International shows an overwhelming majority of journalists—79.4%—prefer to receive information about corporate, not-for-profit and government news by e-mail. Here are five ways to make your press release stand out.

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How Do Reporters Work Today?

The 2010 Journalist Survey on Media Relations Practices covers how editors, reporters, producers, correspondents and bloggers work—and want to work—with social networks, online newsrooms, digital audio and video, press release distribution services and PR professionals in general. The report was written by TEK Group International and Bulldog Reporter. This Executive Summary also includes data on [...]

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Teleseminar: "Kick your boring bio to the curb to attract clients, speaking gigs and media interviews, NOW!"

If your bio reads like wallpaper instead of wow, this teleseminar is for you! Join me and Nancy Juetten for a FREE, one-time teleseminar Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010  Time: 10 a.m. PST "Kick your boring bio to the curb to attract clients, speaking gigs and media interviews, NOW!" Click here to register: * [...]

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What Are You Doing With Your Great Publicity?

Many people get articles written about them via PR LEADS and ProfNet or their own pitching to reporters but they fail to do anything with it. In effect, the publicity has created one ripple in the pond, but that ripple hasn’t spread. It is up to you to make noise. It is up to you to create a tidal wave from the ripple.

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Musings on Labor Day

Summer isn’t over on Labor Day. Only the pool lifeguards go away. Otherwise, summer continues until September22. For many of us, September and October are the best months. No humidity or rain. So why do people get depressed on Labor Day and say “Summer is over?” It’s time for a new attitude. People are yelling [...]

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27 Hooks to Get Publicity

Can't think of a way to get publicity? Search no more. Here are 27 news hooks to get publicity posted by Henry Devries, Henry DeVries, Assistant Dean for External Affairs, UC San Diego Extended Studies and Public Programs.

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Madrid Chronicles – Day 1

So far, so good! Madrid is a very pretty city with lots of grand buildings adorned with decorative sculptures or intricate grillworks. There are lots of good pictures to be had here. Everything is fairly close together and the subway stops are every where.  It is easy to get around.It is also very hot so [...]

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