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4 #Publicity Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Dan Janal, president of PR LEADSThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has accomplished what every marketer dreams about: a viral marketing campaign that spreads like wildfire. More than $70 million has been raised so far and it is the feel-good story of the summer.
Viral marketing is hard to do. Many marketers have tried and many have failed. What can we learn from this PR stunt that can increase your ROI?
1.     People do things because they are fun – not because you tell them to do something or buy something. What’s more fun than challenging someone to get doused with ice water? If you can answer that question, you might have a viral marketing campaign success story.
2.     It is easy. You aren’t asking someone to walk 5 miles or spend an afternoon picking up debris on the beach.

3.     There is a strong visual element to this story. You are supposed to video yourself getting doused and post the video on social media. Not only is it visual, but it is video – in other words, not just a static picture.

4.     There’s a 100 percent contribution to a charity. This isn’t one of those, “If you buy my book, I’ll donate 2 cents to a charity.” Boo hoo. No one is going to fall for that line. But all of the money for this challenge goes to a worthy cause.
If you’d like to brainstorm on creative PR and promotion tactics, let’s talk. See info at http://www.PRLEADStoPROFITS.com

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4 ways to overcome limiting beliefs for social media and #PR


Dan Janal, president of PR LEADSPR used to be only about influencing the media to get them to tell their readers you are doing great things. The Internet has changed that. While the media plays an important role in creating visibility and credibility, there are many more ways to reach your target audience.
Obviously social media is the game changer. Let me help you overcome four limiting beliefs that seem to hold back many of my clients so you can get more ROI on your PR.
1.     140 characters is not limiting. It is liberating. Imagine if you had to write 5,000 words every day to get attention. That’s hard. 140 characters is easy. See, I just did it!
2.     Guy Kawasaki has proven that you can post and repost your messages many times a day. That’s not considered spamming. It’s a good thing because different audiences are online at different times. If Guy says it is good, then it is good. That takes the pressure from having to be clever 10 times a day or 10 times a week.

3.     Jay Baer says you can repost your material with different headlines. For example: The Changing Role of PR. 10 Ways PR is Changing. Do You Make these 10 PR Mistakes? Are You Changing as PR Changes? Are You Keeping Up with the Changes in PR? Is Your PR Firm Keeping Up with the Changes in PR? Different people respond to different calls to action and different stimuli (messages). Now you don’t have to create the one, best headline. You can try several headlines. That’s liberating!
4.     For those of you who don’t like to toot your own horn, may I quote Golda Meir who said, “Don’t be so humble. You are not that great.”
I could go on and on, but you probably have a short attention span. So check back next week for more game changing tips to help your Publicity Leads to Profits and your business grow.

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Happy Birthday to PR LEADS!

Dan Janal, president of PR LEADSAugust marks the beginning of the 14th year since I started helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and small business people with our PR LEADS service. I’m happy to report that our clients have told me of great successes and they’ve rewarded me by being loyal customers for many, many years.
We recently conducted a survey to find out what you wanted. The results were pretty uniform – and I’ve listened to you.
You don’t want irreverent or irrelevant. You want ROI. So we’re changing the name of the newsletter to PR LEADS to Profits. Catchy, n’est pas?
You’ll find actionable ideas on how to get publicity and how to make money from your publicity. You’ll find additional info about my coaching services at PRLEADStoProfits.com
You also asked for more hands-on training and webinars. Look for new courses on the topics you asked for in September!
People also wanted to pick my brain about how to create, build and run a successful business. To that end, I’ll start a new newsletter on “Keeping Customers for Life.” I’ve learned a few things over the past 14 years about how to keep customers coming back month after month, year after year. And those ideas aren’t what you see in normal customer service talks. If your company or association needs a speaker or consultant to show how to maximize the lifetime value of the customer, please consider hiring me. More info at www.janal.com
That’s it for this week. Look for great tips in next week’s PR LEADS to Profits newsletter!
Thanks again for being here!
Remember, we help turn small companies into big names!

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