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Publicity resources: How to find reporters

If you want to target like a laser and find the reporters who cover your topic, media lists can help you by saving you time and money. If you want to cover the bases and let all the publications in your industry know about your new services, media lists can help you prepare a saturation campaign.

BullsEyePublicity.com offers media databases of reporters in virtually every topic – and for virtually every country! The info is continually updated and the prices are always reasonable – and much lower than other services I’ve seen. For info, go to www.BullsEyePublicity.com or call Susan at 952-380-9844.

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10 Steps to Successfully Introduce a Powerful New Brand Name

Dan JanalNSA – the National Speakers Association – had the right intentions to rebrand: they wanted to reflect the changing nature of the speaking industry and they wanted to be more inclusive to people who speak as a part of their business, i.e. authors, consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators and so on.
Here are 10 factors organizations should consider when they rebrand:
1.     Ask for comments from a sizable number of stakeholders, such as members and industry partners.
2.     Build consensus from insider members such as former presidents and board members as well as local leaders and influencers. Given time, these people and others could have become advocates and evangelists.
3.     Pick a name that is unique, interesting and memorable.
4.     Choose a tagline that explains the group’s mission or membership.
5.     Make sure the name isn’t used by a competitor in the same context, otherwise you’ll spend a fortune in legal fees settling the issue.
6.     Choose a logo that is clearly identifiable. If people have to wonder what a symbol means or looks like, then start over.
7.     Test the name and logo with several focus groups of stakeholders, such as members and people who hire them.
8.     Consider the cost of promoting the new brand as you are stewards of the organizations’s financial resources.
9.     Consider that the new brand can be phased in over time, not in one swoop. That can give all stakeholders a chance to get used to a new name, tagline or logo.
10.  Be brave. Don’t go along with the consensus if you feel they are going down the wrong path.
Time will tell if they hit a home run or put their foot in their mouth.

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Are You Taking Advantage of the New Rules for Media? Asks Publicity Expert Dan Janal

Dan JanalHow has the media changed? Is the media still important?

The media world is changing. Let me show you the new landscape and how to master it.

The media is divided into four kinds of different media now because of power of the Internet and social media.

-       Number one is called “earned” media. This is what we think of when we think of the media. Your face appears on TV. Your name appears in print. A reporter does all the work to produce the content.

-       The second is paid media. This is comprised of advertisements and press releases, which you pay for. They are distributed and published in magazines, in newspapers, on the Web, and on radio and TV.

-       The third kind original media. You are the content publisher. You post articles, thoughts, and ideas to your blog or website. You share your content with other people. They may publish it on other sites or share it with their social media networks.

-       The fourth is social media. You comment on information posted by others, post your original information to your followers and share content that other people have written that you want your followers to read (i.e. an article in Forbes).

All methods have one thing in common. More people learn about you.

When you use a combination of those tactics, your visibility increases and you build your brand, which makes it easier for you to get more clients, make more money and have more influence.

I help turn small businesses into big names so they can stand out from the competition!

How may I help you and your business?

I can help you map out your media strategy.

Please look at my website and contact me if you want to become a big name.


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