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Book Cover Design: Is this the most minimalist book cover ever?

If you’ve ever sweated over the design of your book cover, or if you’ve paid a small fortune to a book cover designer to get it “just right” then you might not appreciate this book cover for “How Literature Works: 50 Key Concepts,” by John Sutherland. It is published by Oxford University Press. Maybe when you are Oxford, you don’t have to think about book design!


It is a wonderful book. I now realize that every book I’ve read on an airplane over the past 20 years would not be classified as “literature.” And they call TV a vast wasteland. <g> Those books sure were entertaining, though!

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What makes for a great Facebook page for small business?

Social Media Examiner listed its top 10 small businesses pages.

What do they top one have in common?

They look like magazine ads.

They are beautifully composed.

They are inviting.

They are colorful.

The usually feature people.

Those are the ones I liked.

Other winners looked like web pages or Facebook pages. To me, those didn’t stand out because they look like everything else.


See for yourself: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top-10-small-business-facebook-pages-2011-winners/


What do you think?

Which small business pages do you like?



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